The Witch's Prophecy Cover

Welcome to my author blog.  My first young adult fantasy book series is the Evindoore series, and the first book of the series,The Witch’s Prophecy, is now available on Kindle and Barnes and Noble.

I hope to introduce readers to the series, as well as other books I write.  I also want to discuss other topics relating to the young adult fantasy world and other genres.   I will post information about the series here, and hear the opinions of my readers.

What is Evindoore, you might ask?  Evindoore is a fantasy world where dragons fly in the Dragon Cliffs and elves live in Durvana.  It is a magical land stretching from the Keeper’s House, all the way to the wastelands.

Elle Holden is introduced to Evindoore through Brian Hemlick, the football star of Linview High.  He dares her to go knock on the door of the house above the hill.  Her life is never the same again…

I am a lifelong reader of fantasy, and this has shaped much of what I write in the Evindoore series.  You’ll read influences from Lord of the RingsEragonand Fablehaventwisted into a completely original plot where Elle Holden discovers this new world and the Alvarian language.

This series has been in the works for four years.  I originally came up with the idea during a high school lecture, where I thought about a girl being dared to enter a house above the hill.  She learned that the owner of the house was actually the caretaker of a mystical land, and she was going to be his apprentice.  That was the earliest idea for the series.  Since then, the overall concept has changed and grown, becoming what is now Evindoore.  Finally, when I discovered what would happen in the end of the series, I knew I had to write it so I could share Elle’s story.

I hope that you enjoy the series.  Feel free to leave comments and ask questions about it.

You can find excerpts of the novel here:  Chapter 1–Ramla’s Vision, Chapter 2–Dragon Chase, Chapter 3–Lady Adell’s Request.

Until next time…

Mæg þer portear Alvaro suboard eaw

Amy Burney– Author of the Evindoore Series

© 2013 Amy Burney


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  1. Awesome Amy! You Rock! Detective Maxx Zeqster.

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